"The hand is the chief teacher of the child..." --Maria Montessori

"The hand is the chief teacher of the child..." --Maria Montessori

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Busy Times...


Preparing apples for snack

Baby Washing


Drying the baby doll


Peeling oranges for snack

Slicing Cheese for snack

Transportation puzzle

Naeklace making

Making a track

Busy boys polishing

Preparing for snack

Scrubbing the baby

Putting on our shoes


So careful

Thursday, October 9, 2014

We're so busy!

not working, but posing for the camera

tonging pine cones

scrubbing the table

pouring and working on our eye-hand coordination

Monday, August 25, 2014


Welcome to a new school year at the Montessori Academy!  

These are the days when our little ones experience some tears when mom or dad depart from the classroom or when the child leaves the car.  This is fully to be expected but for most children it does not last long.  They soon get used to their new environment and have a great time learning new things and perfecting old skills.  Many children have a great beginning, are confident and ready on the first day and then about the third day they seem to regress and start crying.  This is also quite common.  They may be wondering to themselves “What did I let Mom do!?”    They also will recover well from this and have a great experience here.  Separation is the first hurdle we pass as we enter the Toddler environment.  After that we can begin to work on ground rules such as putting work away, walking feet and soft voices.  We will also begin working on choosing our own work to do, from the shelf, instead of from another child J

We are both looking forward to having a wonderful year with your children!

Monday, April 14, 2014


The children are exploring both in vocabulary learning and in building their fine motor skills and concentration. 

It is wonderful to see how far they have come in so short a time.



Submitted by: Lori Twining